tea long life

The search for longer life has been a sip away all this time: drinking tea extends your life!

Throughout history man has been in search for a magical cure to achieve a longer life. Ancient Greeks searched for the Ambrosia of the Gods and the Philosopher’s Stone and King Arthur pursued the Holy Grail.

Even today, people are looking for ways to increase their life expectancy through exercising, eating more healthily or holistic therapies. It seems that the search for prolonging one’s life is a goal that everyone is striving for and one that has been right underneath our noses this whole time.

According to a recent study from The Chinese Academy of Medical Science, drinking tea a few times a week could extend your life by 1.26 years!

Before you start getting your hopes up and bulk buying Earl Grey and Breakfast Tea; The study indicates that the desired effects have only been seen through drinking green tea. Green tea is “a rich source of polyphenols which protect against cardiovascular disease.”

Black tea has been used in the research. However, due to low participant consumption rate, the findings for black tea were inconclusive. Only 8% of the 100,902 participant’s drank black tea. To read more about the study click here.

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