repair of ship's compass

Heritage repair service helps restore over 200-year-old ships compass

Matt Sandford is the proud owner of an antique ship’s compass dating back to the 1800s, which previously belonged to his father, Michael.

Being over 200 years old, the ship’s compass has had its fair share of wear and tear, and there was damage to the lantern door and its hinges.

The compelling story behind Matt’s ship’s compass meant that its disposal was never an option…

The story behind the ship’s compass

Matt’s dad, Michael spent some of his earlier years in the Navy. On returning to civilian life, he became a leading architect who lived and worked in Bermuda in the early ’60s and then relocated to Shrewsbury. He continued his nautical interest and became a keen yachtsman, sharing his passion with his friends and family, even sailing the Atlantic on numerous occasions.

In 1978, Michael was sailing a new yacht he was transporting for a friend. He was accompanied by 3 of his close friends and his Son-in-law. Tragedy struck as the yacht they were sailing vanished without a trace in the Bay of Biscay, located in the gulf of the northeast Atlantic Ocean. Air and Sea rescue services spent two weeks searching for the yacht and the crew but unfortunately, the rescue attempt had to be called off. The boat and crew were never found. Michael was 43.

Michael kept the compass a memento. Due to its sentimental value, he wanted damage to the door and hinges repaired so that he could display it as an ornament. Before then, the compass had spent the last 40 years in his attic.

The course to restoration

Hearing about Heritage Collection from the Prince Rupert Hotel in Shrewsbury, Matt reached out to us inquiring as to whether we could extend our tableware repair services to other products. Thanks to our 40 years of experience, the repairs Matt required were a relatively simple request. Now Matt’s father’s ships compass lantern door is in perfect working order. As Matt puts it, the compass now “…has pride of place next to a photo of dad in the family room…It’s very special to me”. He was kind enough to give us a nice testimonial:

“Even though this was a small job, nothing was too much trouble and you can tell Heritage takes great pride in what they do.”

Matt Sandford, Company Director – Private buyer

You’re right, Matt, we do! It is a pleasure to be of service as that is what we will always strive to provide… Care & Service.

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