Tableware for Malmaison hotels

Malmaison’s Birmingham location featured in Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce with Heritage Collection plates and cutlery.

Malmaison, a renowned luxury hotel chain with locations based across the UK, and one situated in the heart of Birmingham’s bustling City Centre has been featured in the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce’s December issue of Chamberlink.

The publication has given Malmaison the opportunity to showcase their lively and extravagant Mailbox brasserie and restaurant, situated within the hotel and the services that they provide to all Chamber of Commerce members. Chez Mal Brasserie offers their patrons “a stylish twist on classics in a relaxed and distinctively designed environment”. Malmaison are delivering an exciting experience and Heritage Collection have had the opportunity to work with them in order to achieve their goal.

The bespoke service, Heritage Collection provided Malmaison with their durable, black rustic afternoon tea stands, built to their specific requirements. The visually clean, open design of the afternoon tea stands, accompanied with the slate bases natural design allow for easy access to dishes while not detracting attention away from the table presentation.

The handcrafted style of the Heritage Collections Mantle Glaze Deep Plates from the Strata stoneware range and the porcelain Pacific Flat Plates from the Heritage Collections Blueprint China range, some of which had been branded, were selected to complement Chez Mal Brasseries environment and their menu seamlessly. The highly versatile mirrored finished Baguette cutlery supplement the China flawlessly. The cutlery design, which lends itself to any type of surroundings works exceptionally well with the vibrant aesthetic of Chez Mal Brasserie.

Heritage Collection are honoured to be working with fantastic clients such as Malmaison who continue to be such wonderful supporters of British manufacturing and involving us to provide our offerings of high-quality, luxury plates, cutlery and tableware for their vision of Chez Mal Brasserie.

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