Gondola is a truly eye catching fine dining cutlery pattern. With gentle curves and a stylish arch Gonodola is a modern classic.  Each piece has been manufactured to our exacting standards to reinforce a sense of quality made from the highest grade stainless steel.

Gondola Table Fork
Code D500A007
Gondola Tea Spoon
Code D500A019
Gondola Fish Knife
Code D500A010
Gondola Fish Fork
Code D500A004
Gondola Soup Spoon
Code D500A018
Gondola Dessert Spoon
Code D500A017
Gondola Dessert Fork
Code D500A008
Gondola Dessert Knife
Code D500A102
Gondola Table Knife Solid Handle
Code D500A101
Gondola Coffee Spoon
Code D500A021

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