The seismic shift in dining and modern restaurant tableware trends

Life before Covid-19 was already seeing a monumental shift in eating habits. Mid-market chain restaurants such as Jamie Oliver’s Italian were struggling, yet casual dining had become a driving force within hospitality.

With restrictions eased, attracting new customers was a priority and with that came a redefining and blurring of boundaries between formal fine dining and a new, more relaxed approach.

Fine dining restaurants have evolved. Taking inspiration from casual dining, softening their décor and service for a lighter, more accessible feel. They’ve created a more open, welcoming environment with subtle nuances harking back to their origins, all the while maintaining their high standards.

A big game-changer has been the influence of social media. Restaurants are incorporating these platforms into their daily marketing to provide quick, accessible visual information to a wider audience than ever before possible. Diners themselves are creating content, sharing their experiences at food and beverage establishments. Casual dining restaurants are positioning themselves as luxurious and extravagant.

Customers expect two things from their dining experience: Firstly, immersing themselves in an exciting venue and deliciously indulgent meal. Secondly, a more modern compulsion – sharing their experience visually, in real-time, via social media.

modern restaurant tableware trends

The new wave of eateries recognise the power of a trending Instagram shot… Tableware and décor pictures are an impactful way to promote the dining experience. Cutlery and crockery designs can be an influential way to choreograph stunning food and convey the culture and aesthetic of a restaurant.

modern restaurant tableware trends

The desire to create and communicate memorable experiences, catch the ‘perfect moment’ and share it with family and friends, is fast becoming a part of many peoples’ everyday life. Creating opportunities for restaurants to back this trend and grab the attention of potential new diners through photographic representations of their menu and surroundings is a valuable marketing tool.

The social media evolution in hospitality drives customers to restaurants. It’s more important than ever to create a unique experience and differentiate your venue.

The alchemy behind pulling this off with panache lies somewhere in the essence of the new dining event – blending the environment with the table setting, the atmosphere with the menu – carrying a continuous theme throughout. This seismic shift is redefining and conceiving a new high-quality dining experience at all levels of hospitality.

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