Ore Glaze


Ore glaze from our strata stoneware collection is a sophisticated range of upturned ceramic plates and bowls, inspired by natural texture and weathered objects.


Ore Upturned Plate 26.5cm

Ore Upturned Plate 26.5cm
Code 33E609PO8039

Ore Sauce Jug

Ore Sauce Jug 8cm
Code 33E609O04174

Ore Oblong Platter

Ore Oblong Platter 23.5cm
Code 33E609P10119

Ore Oval Platter

Ore Oval Platter 33.6cm
Code 33E609P14050

Ore Relish Dish

Ore Relish Dish 8.5cm
Code 33E609O04162

Ore Bowl 13.4cm

Ore Bowl 13.4cm
Code 33E609BO6150

Ore Bowl 9cm

Ore Bowl 9cm
Code 33E609BO6150-2

Ore Upturned Plate 16.5cm

Ore Upturned Plate 16.5cm
Code 33E609PO8039-3

Ore Upturned Plate 21.5cm

Ore Upturned Plate 21.5cm
Code 33E609PO8039-2

Ore Tasting Jug

Ore Tasting Jug 9cm
Code 33E607K06097

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