Silver Plated Tea Pot

The Teapot Conundrum

There are few areas that have escaped the severity of the COVID global pandemic. hospitality has born the brunt of its effects leading to businesses having to cease operations and many venues having to permanently close their doors.

2021 sees a loosening of social restrictions which will allow the public to take part in social events once more. As spring fast approaches, we can hopefully all look forward to warmer weather and enjoying much needed social events with our friends and families!

A touch of luxury and a true springtime treat can only be Afternoon Tea.  Britain, seen by many as a place of historic rituals, can boast of being the pioneer of this much-loved past-time! What better than to sip from an elegant china cup whilst in the company of friends and, if lucky enough, enjoy a whimsical view of a sun-kissed horizon filled with flowers blooming and the gentle songs of birds chirping.

With a history dating back to Woburn Abbey in the 19th century. Duchess Anna Maria was a leading pioneer of one of the greatest hospitality industry experiences. In almost 200 years afternoon tea has seen a growth in interest from all social backgrounds. The hospitality industry has been making afternoon tea a staple feature in their venue opening hours for all to enjoy. As the afternoon tea season draws closer, it’s time for companies to make preparations to cash in on this truly popular and attainable experience.

A sort after commodity for Afternoon Tea venues are antique teapots. They are imbued with history; a symbol of much-loved rituals of the past with an air of elegance and high etiquette. They bring uniqueness and tradition to a table. However, this comes at a cost.

Antique teapots can date back to nearly 300 years but can often be found in markets for relatively cheap prices. They can be a tempting purchase for hospitality venues to add character and authenticity, but the age of the teapots also means that extra care will be required in maintaining them. No matter how careful one is, antique teapots are prone to damage. Professional repairs can see prices exceeding the cost of the teapots themselves many times over their purchase price. This is not economically viable.

In comparison to antique teapots, ceramic teapots are readily available for a similar cost. Being cheaper to purchase, costing on average around £35, ceramic teapots also have the flexibility of being either classic white and timeless or designed with patterns that can tell a story, matching the setting and harking back to an age gone by, making them a perfect accompaniment to any afternoon tea setting.

However, despite the lower cost to purchase, maintaining the upkeep of ceramic teapots is very challenging. Chips, cracks, and other blemishes are inevitable and can occur after only a few months, becoming an ongoing operational cost. The repair cost can soon overshadow the initial cost of the ceramic teapot.

A brand new, hand-crafted Silver-plated teapot is the perfect middle ground. They offer the same distinguished appearance as their antique counterparts yet cost less per annum than that of the ceramic or antique silver teapot.

With a strong track record in the manufacture of silver-plated tableware, Heritage Collection is a world leader in creating luxury tableware. Our wide range of elegant, silver-plated teapots is specifically made and hand-crafted for the perfect afternoon tea experience.

Heritage Silverware uses both traditional handcrafted and modern advanced manufacturing methods. As a specialist in hotel ware, all our tea services are made from Nickel Silver – which is hotel standard, our EPNS teapots are resilient and are perfect to withstand the high demands of hotels and restaurants while incurring minimal damage.

Our holloware teapots are produced with special heat-resistant handles to ensure stability and safety when pouring, so no awkward issues with guests scolding their hands! The feet at the bottom of our hand-made teapots are turned from a solid material which makes them extremely robust; adding stability, strength, and durability. All this combined gives our teapots the life you need for afternoon teaware. Why not enquire about our extended service package?

Heritage Collection Tea & Coffee services are manufactured with hotels and restaurants in mind. We ensure long-lasting excellence in all our ranges. Our repair and replating services provide total support to maximise the life of your purchase, reducing costs and ensuring they exude elegance and character for years to come.

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