unique tableware

Stand out from the crowd

Food is an art form. As such, it should be appropriately framed. There was a time when few deviated from the standard porcelain white plate. Those days are gone. In the current world of hospitality, all manner of shapes, materials and textures are available. Tableware is a vital part of creating a dining experience that sets the right tone.

Your choice of tableware – rustic or elegant, opulent or minimalist – can communicate your brand in seconds, so it pays to choose wisely. It’s important to match your tableware to the style of cooking on offer and to recognise that tableware is fashion led – it’s important to keep up with the trends!

New trends for 2019 include textured finishes on everything from cutlery to crockery,” says Anthony McDonagh, Managing Director of Heritage; “organic, natural forms and cool, muted colours that blend well together look great. Wooden sharing plates and platters are also popular.

At Heritage, we draw on a wealth of experience, working with many of the UK’s Michelin starred restaurants as well as top hotels like The Ritz and The Dorchester, to provide you with tableware that perfectly showcases your food. Our collections help you to stand out from the crowd and take your food presentation to the next level.

Browse our website or visit the showroom at our manufacturing facility in Birmingham. We will help you to create your unique tableware arrangement that ensures your food looks as good as it tastes. Our experienced team is always on hand to help with ideas for projects and openings – with 40+ years of experience we can provide some of the best product knowledge in the business. We work closely with chefs, hotels & restaurants, tailoring our tableware so that it fits perfectly with the menu, aesthetics and overall vision of an establishment.

To find out more about Heritage Collection’s stylish and innovative tableware, call us on 0121 773 0724 or fill out the contact form.