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Maintain your restaurant cutlery

Silver undoubtedly adds a touch of refinement and ages particularly well when properly maintained. There are different ways to maintain silver plated cutlery. First and foremost use it! This naturally helps to keep it tarnish free. Here are our top tips for maintaining your silver restaurant cutlery…

If plated cutlery comes into contact with sulphurous foods… Egg, mayonnaise, mustards etc it is important to rinse off flatware as soon as possible to minimise their tarnishing effect.

De-tarnishing methods

silver restaurant cutlery

Silver dip is one effective way to remove tarnish and bring back shine. Using this method on cutlery will work well as long as you follow the directions of use carefully avoiding exposure to stainless steel parts (such as knife blades). This is a more labour-intensive process but lower upfront cost.

Burnishing machine – We thoroughly recommend using this method. This is very effective way to de-tarnish and will also save on labour costs when cleaning silver over the long term as it is a quicker process. The upfront cost will be much higher but if your investing is silver plated cutlery then it is well worth the investment.

silver restaurant cutlery

Stainless steel cutlery is a much harder material and if it is not silver plated can be a lower maintenance option. It’s stain and scratch resistant as well as dishwasher proof. We’d recommend 18/10 high-quality grade for use in restaurants.

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